Living Your Chosen Eulogy – Signed by Author Kian Dwyer – PB 2005

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Live Today How You Want to Be Remembered

Signed by Author: Kian K. Dwyer

Published by: Beaver’s Pond Press

Printing Date: 2005

1st Edition / 1st Printing


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Living Your Chosen Eulogy is beyond self help, a book on world help. It redefines kindness, illustrating how each of us is an indispensable, critical link in the chain of values that betters the world. Kian Dwyer puts a wholesome twist to the saying “living the good life.” Living Your Chosen Eulogy awakens the heart and soul, and inspires daily integrity by making readers aware of their best true selves. Through anecdotes, commentary, and exercises, the author shows readers how to tap into their own set of beliefs, values, talents, and skills. This new awareness will determine the meaning of their lives as they learn to live with purpose and intention. Despite numerous surgeries and a diagnosis of a bone disorder called avascular necrosis, Kian Dwyer felt herself catapulted into choosing to live her life with meaning, gratitude, and love. This passion and energy is threaded through her book as she explains how each of us has unique positive and spiritual gifts, no matter our background or circumstances.




In Very Good Condition. Outside front and back cover have very light wear – mostly around the corners and edges. Binding is good. Title page is signed by Author. The rest of the pages are very good with no markings.



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